Santhia Postal Code

The postal code of Santhia is 6670. If anyone wants to travel to this area using this code, then they might get a special result. Having these four-digit codes, you can send letters or look for any unique place immediately. Although it is a little distance in the Santhia sub-district, people have all the necessary things over here. It won’t cause any trouble for anyone if you have the right code. Under the postal code of Sathia has some schools, colleges.

Santhia postal code: 6670

Popular Places Near This Post Office

  • Santhia Diagnostic Centre, Italy Market, Santhia Bazar, Santhia Upazila, Santhia 6670, Madhpur – Bera Rd, 6670, Bangladesh
  • Santhia Municipal Complex, 3G3X+VQ2, 6670, Bangladesh
  • UDDIPAN Santhia Branch Pabna, Girls School Road, 6670, Bangladesh
  • Santhia Mohila Degree College, Santhia, Pabna, Santhia – 6670
  • Union Bank Limited, HM Plaza, Ataikula, Santhia, Pabna 6670
  • Govt. Santhia Degree College, Pabna, Santhia, Pabna, 6670 Bangladesh
  • Selonda High School, Selonda, Santhia, Pabna, 6670, Bangladesh

Pabna Santhia zip code: 6670

Santhia post code: 6670

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