Nakalia Postal Code

What is the postcode of Nakalia? What is a postcode? The postal code of Nakalia is 6681. This one is a small area of Nakalia, Pabna. They are on there to develop. A postal code means there are four or more digit numbers were confined to making sure people don’t get tangled when it is about transporting letters, or packages. People can effortlessly find important states through the postcode.

Nakalia postal code: 6681

Popular Places Near This Post Office

  • Nakalia Monjur Kader College,Nakalia, Bera, Pabna, Bera – 6681
  • Rupali Bank Limited, Nakalia Branch, P O Nakalia Ps Bera Pabna, Pabna, Rajshahi, 6681

Pabna Nakalia zip code: 6681

Nakalia post code: 6681

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