Mirzapur Postal Code

Do you want to know the postcode of Mirzapur? The postal code of Mirzapur is 1940. Usually, to find a place people must have a postcode or zip code to go to that specific place. By applying these four-digit codes, you can send letters or look for any special place quickly. It is a prominent town in the Tangail district. In Tangail, there are many Upazilas and sub-offices, Mirzapur sub-office is one of them. Kumudini Women’s Medical College is a famous medical institute in Mirzapur.

Mirzapur postal code: 1940

Popular Places Near This Post Office

  • Mirzapur Palli Bidyut Office, Mirzapur Rd, Mirzapur 1940, Bangladesh
  • Mirzapur Post Office, Mirzapur Bazar Rd, Mirzapur, 1940 Bangladesh
  • Shah Cement, Infornt of Mirzapur Thana, 1940, Bangladesh
  • Mirzapur Adhunik Hospital, Hospital Road Mirzapur, 1940, Bangladesh
  • Kumudini Women’s Medical College, Hospital Road Mirzapur, 1940, Bangladesh
  • M/S Hazi Enter Prise- BCIC & BADC Authorised Dealer, Latifpur Union Mirzapur new bus stand, Rail crossing area, 1940, Bangladesh
  • SPC Agent Point, Dewhata Bazar, Bohoriya Road Mirzapur 1940, Bangladesh
  • Kumudini Hospital,Mirzapur,Tangail, Mirzapur, Tangail, Mirzapur, 1940, Bangladesh

Tangail Mirzapur zip code: 1940

Mirzapur post code: 1940

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