Ghatail Postal Code

Ghatail is one of the influential areas in Tangail. The postal code of Ghatail is 1980. This city is located on the north side of Tangail. Hither, you will get everything that the neighborhood people here require to have a better life. In this area, you will see some places like madrasa, post office, school, banks, mosques, etc. Normally, a postal code is made of various groups of digit numbers. These numbers help you to determine and look for a selective place.

Ghatail postal code: 1980

Popular Places Near This Post Office

  • Ghatail GBG University College, Govt. GBG College, Ghatail – Sagordighee Rd, Gate 1980, Bangladesh
  • Ghatail Upazila Auditorium, Upazila Rd, Ghatail 1980, Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh Scouts, Ghatail office, 1980 Vuyapur – Ghatail Rd, Ghatail, Bangladesh
  • SATU, Ghatail Branch, Khorabor Upozila Road, Kazi Road, Ghatail 1980, Bangladesh
  • Bangladesh Krishi Bank, Ghatail Branch, Po And Upazilla Ghatail Tangail, Dhaka, 1980
  • Agrani Bank Limited, Ghatail Branch, Ghatail Bazar Tangail Tangail, Dhaka, 1980
  • ASA, Kalihati, Ghatail Tangail, Dhaka, 1980
  • Brahmon Shashon Mohilla College, Brahmon Shashon, Jahidgong, Ghatail, Tangail 1980
  • Janata Bank Limited, Ghatail, Tangail 1980
  • Divi Park, Main Road, Ghatail Tangail, Dhaka, Ghatail 1980, Bangladesh
  • Ghatail Cantonment English School, Shaheed Salahuddin Cantonment Ghatail, Tangail 1980
  • Ghatail Golf Club, Cantonment Road, Ghatail Upazila, Tangail 1980
  • Wonderful Ghatail, Ghatail, Tangail, 1980, Bangladesh
  • Digital Clinic and Nursing Home, Ghatail, Tangail, 1980

Tangail Ghatail zip code: 1980

Ghatail post code: 1980

Other Postalcode in Tangail District

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