What is the Standard Zip Code of Port Washington in Ozaukee?

If you are looking for the standard zip code of Port Washington in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, the correct answer is 53074. Zip codes play a crucial role in today’s world, making it easier for postal workers to efficiently deliver mail and packages to their intended destinations. In this article, we will delve deeper into the importance of zip codes, the definition of Port Washington’s zip code, and how it helps in sorting and delivering mail effectively.

What is a Zip Code?

A zip code is a numeric code assigned to specific geographic areas for efficient mail sorting and delivery. The abbreviation “ZIP” stands for Zone Improvement Plan. The concept of zip codes was introduced in the United States in 1963 to streamline the growing volume of mail and make postal operations more efficient. Each zip code represents a specific location, helping postal workers identify the correct destination for mail and package delivery.


Understanding Port Washington, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

Port Washington is a city located in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin. It is situated along Lake Michigan, approximately 25 miles north of Milwaukee. As of the 2020 census, the population of Port Washington was estimated to be around 11,120 residents. The city is renowned for its beautiful harbor, historic downtown, and stunning lakeside scenery.

The Zip Code for Port Washington – 53074

The standard zip code for Port Washington is 53074. This five-digit number is used to identify the specific location within Ozaukee County for accurate mail delivery. The first digit, “5,” indicates that Port Washington is located in the state of Wisconsin. The next two digits, “30,” narrow down the location within the state, identifying Ozaukee County. Lastly, the final two digits, “74,” pinpoint the city of Port Washington itself.

Why Zip Codes Are Important

Zip codes are of utmost importance in today’s fast-paced world. They not only facilitate efficient mail delivery but also play a significant role in various industries, such as e-commerce, marketing, and demographic research. Key reasons why zip codes are important include:

  1. Accurate Mail Delivery: Zip codes help ensure that mail and packages are delivered accurately and efficiently to designated destinations, saving time and reducing errors.
  2. E-commerce and Online Shopping: In the era of online shopping, zip codes are essential for accurately calculating shipping costs, estimating delivery times, and providing secure and hassle-free shipping.
  3. Demographic Analysis: Zip codes are used in demographic analysis to study population distribution, income levels, consumer behavior, and other vital socio-economic factors.
  4. Targeted Marketing: Businesses and marketers utilize zip codes to design and implement targeted marketing campaigns, catering to specific regions or demographics.
  5. Government Services: Zip codes help governments allocate resources effectively, plan infrastructure development, and provide vital services to communities.

Correct Answer: 53074

Frequently Asked Questions On What Is The Standard Zip Code Of Port Washington In Ozaukee?

What Is The Significance Of The Zip Code For Port Washington In Ozaukee County?

The zip code for Port Washington in Ozaukee County, 53074, plays a vital role in accurately identifying and delivering mail and packages to the area.

How Can I Find The Correct Zip Code For Port Washington In Ozaukee?

To find the correct zip code for Port Washington in Ozaukee, simply use online tools or contact your local post office for accurate information.

Does The Zip Code 53074 Cover The Entire Area Of Port Washington In Ozaukee?

Yes, the zip code 53074 covers the entire area of Port Washington in Ozaukee, ensuring efficient mail and package delivery throughout the region.

Are There Any Other Zip Codes Associated With Port Washington In Ozaukee?

No, currently 53074 is the only zip code associated with Port Washington in Ozaukee, making it easy to identify the correct location for mail and deliveries.


In summary, the standard zip code for Port Washington in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin, is 53074. Zip codes are a crucial component of the postal system, ensuring accurate and efficient mail delivery. They serve various purposes, including accurate sorting of mail, demographic analysis, targeted marketing, and government planning. So, the next time you send a letter or order a package to Port Washington, remember to include the correct zip code – 53074.


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