Baliadangi Postal Code

The postal code of Baliadangi is 5140. If anyone wants to travel to this area using this code, then they might get a specific result. By using these four-digit codes, you can send letters or look for any unique place immediately. It won’t cause any problem for anyone if you have the exact code. The Baliadangi Upazila Health Complex is located in this region. Baliadangi Blood Donor Organization-BBDO is also located there.

Baliadangi postal code: 5140

Popular Places Near This Post Office

  • Kushaldangi high school, beside kushaldangi market…..baliadangi, Thakurgaon,Bangladesh.By MRI RAZA., 5140, Bangladesh
  • GreenLand Fast-Foods,Baliadangi,Thakurgaon,Rangpur,Dhaka,Bangladesh, Baliadangi Rd, 5140, Bangladesh
  • Baliadangi Upazila Health Complex, Baliadangi,Thakurgaon, Thakurgaon, 5140, Bangladesh
  • Baliadangi Cricket Academy, Baliadangi, 5140 ,Bangladesh
  • Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd, T Hossain Market, Borobari, Baliadangi, Thakurgaon – 5140
  • Baliadangi Blood Donor Organization-BBDO, Baliadangi, 5140 Thakurgaon, Rājshāhi, Bangladesh

Thakurgaon Baliadangi zip code: 5140

Baliadangi post code: 5140

Other Postalcode in Thakurgaon District

Lahiri, Jibanpur, Pirganj, Nekmarad, Rani Sankail, Ruhia, Shibganj, Thakurgaon Road, Thakurgaon Sadar

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