What is the Standard Zip Code of Newton in Manitowoc?

When it comes to addressing mail, knowing the correct zip code is essential. In the case of Newton in Manitowoc, the standard zip code is 53063. Let’s explore more about Newton and what this zip code signifies.

About Newton

Newton is a town located in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. It is a beautiful rural community known for its scenic landscapes and friendly residents. The town offers a peaceful and serene environment, making it an ideal place for individuals and families looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Importance of Zip Codes

Zip codes play a crucial role in our daily lives, especially when it comes to sending and receiving mail efficiently. They help the postal service to identify the exact location of an address, making the process of delivering mail more accurate and timely. Each zip code represents a specific geographic area, allowing postal workers to sort and distribute mail with ease.

The Standard Zip Code of Newton

The standard zip code assigned to Newton is 53063. When addressing mail to Newton, it is important to include this zip code to ensure that your mail reaches its intended destination without any delays or errors. Using the correct zip code increases the chances of successful delivery and reduces the likelihood of misdirected mail.

Sample Mailing Address for Newton

If you need to send mail to Newton, it is vital to include the correct format for the mailing address. Here’s an example of a properly formatted mailing address for Newton:

Recipient Name Street Address City, State Zip Code
John Doe 123 Main Street Newton, WI 53063

Other Zip Codes in Manitowoc

Manitowoc County has several other zip codes apart from Newton’s 53063. Here are some notable zip codes in the county:

  • Manitowoc: 54220
  • Two Rivers: 54241
  • Valders: 54245
  • Mishicot: 54228
  • Whitelaw: 54247

Knowing the correct zip code for each area in Manitowoc County ensures that your mail is delivered accurately and efficiently.


Correct Answer: 53063

Frequently Asked Questions Of What Is The Standard Zip Code Of Newton In Manitowoc?

Faq 1: What Makes Newton In Manitowoc Unique Among Other Cities?

Newton in Manitowoc stands out for its close-knit community, picturesque landscapes, and serene living environment.

Faq 2: How Does Newton In Manitowoc Maintain Its Small-town Charm?

Newton in Manitowoc maintains its small-town charm by preserving its historical landmarks, organizing community events, and fostering strong community bonds.

Faq 3: What Attractions Can I Explore In Newton, Manitowoc?

In Newton, Manitowoc, you can explore scenic parks, visit the Manitowoc County Historical Society, and indulge in outdoor activities like hiking and fishing.

Faq 4: Are There Any Recreational Opportunities In Newton, Manitowoc?

Absolutely! Newton, Manitowoc offers a range of recreational opportunities such as golf courses, sports facilities, and beautiful trails for walking or biking.


The standard zip code for Newton in Manitowoc is 53063. Remember to include this zip code when addressing mail to Newton to ensure successful delivery. Zip codes are vital in the postal system, helping to sort and distribute mail effectively. Understanding the importance of zip codes and using them correctly ensures that your mail arrives at the intended destination without any issues.


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