Standard ZIP Code of Fe Warren AFB, Cheyenne in Laramie County

The standard ZIP code 82005 belongs to Fe Warren AFB, which is short for Francis E. Warren Air Force Base, located in Cheyenne, Laramie County, Wyoming. This base is one of three strategic missile bases in the U.S and is the oldest continuously active military installation within the Air Force. The ZIP code 82005 helps facilitate the smooth handling of mail within this area. As a standard ZIP code, it is tied to this specific geographical region, unlike a PO Box ZIP code which is designated for specific post office boxes.

Standard ZIP Code of Fe Warren AFB, Cheyenne in Laramie County : 82005

Area Code 307

The Francis E. Warren Air Force Base (Fe Warren AFB), located in Cheyenne, is close to a variety of interesting places:

  1. Historic Governors’ Mansion: This mansion served as the residence for Wyoming’s governors from 1905 to 1976 and now operates as a museum.
  2. Wyoming State Capitol: An architecturally significant building housing the Wyoming State Legislature and the office of the Governor.
  3. Cheyenne Botanic Gardens: Houses nine acres of landscapes and specialty gardens.
  4. Cheyenne Depot Museum: A historic railroad museum located downtown, sharing the story of the Transcontinental Railroad.
  5. Lions Park: A popular location for a variety of outdoor activities including fishing and paddle boating.

The proximity to these locations will vary depending on the specific point within ZIP code 82005.

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