Shoulajalia Postal Code

Do you want to know the postcode of Shoulajalia? The postal code of Shoulajalia is 8433. Usually, to find a place people must have a postcode or zip code to go to that particular place. In Jhalokathi, there are many Upazilas and sub-offices, the Shoulajalia sub-office is one of them. There are some canals like Talgachia, Kochua Molanishi Canal, and also has a Bishkahli River. Monoswita Mohila College, K. B. K. High School, etc located under the postal code of Shaulajalia. There are 16 villages located under the postal code of Saulajalia.

Shoulajalia postal code: 8433

Popular Places Near This Post Office

  • Monoswita Mohila College, Shouljalia, Kathalia, Jhalokathi., Kathalia – 8433
  • Shoulojalia Kheya Ghat, Shoulojalia, Kathalia, Jhalakathi., 8433 Hat Mokamia, Bangladesh
  • Shoulajalia Post Office, Jhalokathi, Kathalia, Shoulajalia 8433
  • K. B. K. High School, Saulajalia, Kanthalia, Jhalokathi 8433

Jhalokathi Shoulajalia zip code: 8433

Shoulajalia post code: 8433

Other Postalcode in Jhalokati District

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