Nithpur Postal Code

The postal code of Nithpur is 6551. If anyone searches this city applying this code, then they might get a precise outcome. By using these four-digit codes, you can post broadcasts or regard for any unique locality instantly. Although it is a tiny spot in the Naogaon district, its have all the crucial things hereabouts. It won’t cause any trouble for anyone if they have the right code. Upazila Health Complex is located under the postal code of Nitpur.

Nithpur postal code: 6551

Popular Places Near This Post Office

  • Dutch-Bangla Bank Ltd, Isha haque Plaza, Upozilla Main Road, Porsha, Naogaon – 6551
  • Upazila Health Complex, Porsha, Naogaon, Mohadevpur-Porsha Road, Porsha 6551
  • Agrani Bank, Sadar Road, Parsha, Naogaon 6551
  • Mollapara High School, Ghatnagar, Porsha, Naogaon 6551
  • Porsha High School, Porsha 6551, Bangladesh
  • Ghatnagar pahira pukur girls school & college, Ghatnagar. Porsha.. P.C. 6551, Porsha, Naogaon.

Naogaon Nithpur zip code: 6551

Nithpur post code: 6551

Other Postalcode in Naogaon District

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