Modhuil Postal Code

The postal code of Modhuil is 6561. If anyone wants to travel to this area using this code, then they might get a special result. Having these four-digit codes, you can send letters or look for any unique place immediately. Although it is a little distance in the Sapahar sub-district, people have all the necessary things over here. It won’t cause any trouble for anyone if you have the right code. Modhuil has some schools and colleges.

Modhuil postal code: 6561

Popular Places Near This Post Office

  • Janata Bank Limited, Madhail Branch, Post Modhuil Ps Patnitala, Naogaon, Rajshahi, 6561
  • Agradigun Dairy & Fattening Agro, BD, Village: South Kashipur, Post Office: Agradigun, Police Station: Dhamoirhat Naogaon 6561 Bangladesh
  • Ramram Pur Govt. Primary School, Patnitala, Naogaon, Shapahar – Patnitala Rd, 6561, Bangladesh
  • Shihara High School, Shapahar – Patnitala Rd, Naogaon 6561
  • Nazipur Govt. College, Nazipur, Patnitola, Naogaon, Nazipur 6561

Naogaon Modhuil zip code: 6561

Modhuil post code: 6561

Other Postalcode in Naogaon District

Ahsanganj, Bandaikhara, Badalgachhi, Dhamuirhat, Mohadevpur, Naogaon Sadar, Niamatpur, Nithpur, Ganguria, Porsa, Patnitala, Balihar, Manda, Prasadpur, Kashimpur, Raninagar, Sapahar

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