How Many Preference Points for Wyoming Antelope

In Wyoming, hunters have the opportunity to pursue a variety of game species, including antelope. Every year, thousands of hunters flock to the state to experience the thrill of hunting these swift and elusive creatures. However, Wyoming’s antelope hunting system utilizes a preference point system that can be a bit confusing for newcomers. In this article, we will explore how many preference points are required to hunt antelope in Wyoming.

The Importance of Preference Points

Preference points are used to determine the order in which hunting licenses are issued when there are more applicants than available licenses. In Wyoming, hunters can accumulate preference points by applying for a limited quota hunt and not receiving a license. The more preference points a hunter has, the higher their chances of being drawn for a limited quota antelope hunt.

How Many Preference Points for Wyoming Antelope


Understanding Wyoming’s Preference Point System

Wyoming’s preference point system is designed to give hunters with more points a better chance of drawing a limited quota license. The number of preference points required for a specific hunt varies from year to year and is determined by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Preference points are species-specific, meaning that points accumulated for antelope do not transfer to other species like deer or elk.

Preference Point System By Hunt Area

Wyoming is divided into a number of hunt areas, each with its own unique characteristics and hunting opportunities. The number of preference points required to draw a license can vary significantly depending on the hunt area. For example, highly sought-after hunt areas with large antelope populations typically require more preference points, while less popular areas may require fewer points.

How To Check Preference Point Requirements

If you are interested in hunting antelope in Wyoming, it is important to stay updated on the current preference point requirements. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department publishes a yearly hunting regulations guide that provides information on hunt areas, preference point requirements, and other important details. This guide can be accessed online or obtained in print from authorized license vendors.

How Many Preference Points for Wyoming Antelope


Strategies for Accumulating Preference Points

Accumulating preference points can be crucial if you have your sights set on hunting in a highly coveted area. Here are a few tips to help you build up your points:

  1. Apply for limited quota hunts regularly: Even if you don’t receive a license, every application without success will earn you a preference point.
  2. Consider applying for less popular hunt areas: Competition for licenses in heavily populated areas can be fierce. Applying for less popular hunt areas can increase your odds of drawing a license and earning preference points.
  3. Participate in the preference point only drawing: Wyoming offers a preference point only drawing for hunters who don’t want to apply for a specific hunt area but still want to accumulate points. This can be a good option if you are primarily focused on building up your points.

Frequently Asked Questions For How Many Preference Points For Wyoming Antelope

How Many Preference Points Do I Need To Hunt Antelope In Wyoming?

To hunt antelope in Wyoming, the number of preference points needed varies based on the specific hunting unit. Some units may require fewer preference points, while others may require more. It is essential to research the specific unit you are interested in to determine the exact number of points required.

What Are Preference Points And How Do They Work For Wyoming Antelope Hunting?

Preference points in Wyoming are used to determine the order in which hunting licenses are allocated. The more preference points you have, the higher your chances of being selected for a limited quota hunt. Each year, you can apply for a preference point even if you don’t draw a license, helping you increase your chances for future hunts.

How Can I Earn Preference Points For Antelope Hunting In Wyoming?

To earn preference points for antelope hunting in Wyoming, you need to apply during the application period. Even if you are unsuccessful in drawing a license, you will still earn a preference point. By consistently applying and accumulating points over time, you increase your chances of securing a license for your desired hunting unit.

Can I Transfer My Wyoming Antelope Preference Points To Someone Else?

No, preference points in Wyoming cannot be transferred or sold. Each hunter must apply individually and earn their own preference points. It is essential to manage your preference points carefully and ensure that your applications are submitted correctly.


In summary, Wyoming’s preference point system plays a significant role in determining the outcome of antelope hunting license draws. The number of preference points required varies by hunt area and can change from year to year. By staying informed, strategically applying for hunts, and considering less popular areas, hunters can increase their chances of obtaining a coveted antelope license. Good luck and happy hunting!

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