Duttapara Postal Code

If you are looking for the postcode of Dattapara, then you are in the right place. The postal code of Duttapara is 3706. Some people call postal code or postcode as zip code. Duttapara is the sub-office of Lakshmipur district in the Chittagong Division of Bangladesh. There are many schools and colleges for students also they have all facilities that you need for the local people.

Duttapara postal code: 3706

Popular Places Near This Post Office

  • Duttapara Dakshin Bazar Central Jame Mosque, Bottoli – Dattapara Rd, 3706, Bangladesh
  • Bank Asia Agent Banking Dattapara UDC, Duttapara 3706, Lakshmipur sadar
  • Shetu Bandhan New Market, Bottoli – Dattapara Rd 3706, Bangladesh
  • Duttapara Mandir, Kashipur-Poddar bazar Rd, Bashikpur 3706, Bangladesh
  • Shahjalal Islami Bank Limited, Bottoli – Dattapara Rd, 3706 Bangladesh
  • Dattapara Post Office, XWJJ+P5X, Dattapara, 3706 Bangladesh

Lakshmipur Duttapara zip code: 3706

Duttapara post code: 3706

Other Postalcode in Lakshmipur District

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