Akkelpur Postal Code

Akkelpur is well-known as a sub-office in Joypurhat. The postal code of Akkelpur is 5940. The postal code, postcode, or zip code works as a helping hand to search a specific place. There are so many popular places. Akkelpur Postal Office is located there. Akkelpur Upazila has 5 union parishads, 116 mauzas, and 145 villages. Some schools, colleges, banks, etc are also found there for local people.

Akkelpur postal code: 5940

Popular Places Near This Post Office

  • Akkelpur-5940-G.P.O, Akkelpur Main Rd, Akkelpur, Bangladesh
  • Akkelpur Upazila Auditorium, Akkelpur Upazila Complex, Akkelpur Upazila Road, Akkelpur 5940, Bangladesh
  • Sonamukhi High School, Akkelpur – Dupchanchia Rd, 5940, Bangladesh
  • Akkelpur Post Office, X28C+M2G, Akkelpur 5940, Bangladesh
  • Akkelpur MR Degree College, Akkelpur 5940
  • Sonali Bank Limited, Akkelpur Main Rd, Akkelpur 5940, Bangladesh
  • Akkelpur F.U Pilot High School, Akkelpur, Joypurhat, Akkelpur 5940, Bangladesh
  • Agrani Bank Limited, Rail Gate, Akkelpur, Joypurhat 5940
  • Akkelpur Railway Station, Akkelpur,Joypurhat, Akkelpur, 5940 Bangladesh

Joypurhat Akkelpur zip code: 5940

Akkelpur post code: 5940

Other Postalcode in Joypurhat District

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